Vehicle Addendum

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    Tenant Information

    Your Name as shown on Driver License

    Insurance Information

    Insurance on this vehicle is required as a condition of renting space. Whether you maintain Insurance coverage or not, you assume all risk and liability that may result in damage to the vehicle or any damage caused by the vehicle.

    Vehicle Information

    Tenant’s Vehicle Storage Stipulations

    • You shall only park or store the vehicle that is designated on this Addendum.
    • The vehicle may not infringe onto or into the space of another Tenant or the common areas or roadways.
    • If you park or store the vehicle in any place other than the assigned Space, your vehicle will be towed away at your expense.
    • If your vehicle is stored inside a storage Unit, you ARE REQUIRED, without exception, to disconnect the battery and place a tarp or drip pan under the engine. We recommend that you check your vehicle frequently to ensure that no leakage of fluids is occurring.

    As Tenant, you hereby acknowledge and agree that you are parking or storing at your own risk and that Stow-A-Way Storage is not responsible or otherwise liable, directly or indirectly, for loss or damage to any vehicle stored or parked on our property. You further acknowledge that all Terms and Conditions of the Lease Agreement and this Addendum shall be in full force as to the storage of this vehicle.